Arunachal: YMCR meets Itanagar DC, discusses environmental initiatives

Discussions focused on maintaining the capital city's cleanliness, particularly river conservation and rejuvenation.

ITANAGAR-    The Youth Mission for Clean River (YMCR) met with Itanagar Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Shweta Nagarkoti Mehta, at her office today and discussed collaborative efforts on environmental protection and town beautification.

The Deputy Commissioner launched the YMCR’s insignia and calendar during the meeting.


Discussions focused on maintaining the capital city’s cleanliness, particularly river conservation and rejuvenation.

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The YMCR presented a proposal on waste management and town beautification through a PowerPoint presentation.

The NGO raised concerns about the unregulated dumping of medical waste by a private laboratory in Bank Tinali. They emphasized the seriousness of this practice, highlighting its violation of environmental regulations and the health risks it poses to both people and the environment.

Additionally, they brought attention to unauthorized slaughterhouses dumping waste directly into rivers and streams, threatening the health of the waterways and aquatic life.

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YMCR chairman S.D Loda explained the symbolism behind the organization’s insignia, stating, “‘We’re Riverlutionaries’ signifies YMCR’s dedication to revolutionizing river conservation efforts in Arunachal Pradesh.

The insignia embodies our commitment to ensuring the ecological integrity and sustainability of our vital waterways for the benefit of present and future generations.”

The Deputy Commissioner commended the NGO’s work and pledged her full support to their environmental causes.

“I am fully committed to keeping our rivers clean,” she declared.

She assured logistical and other support for the organization’s environmental initiatives.

Addressing the raised concerns, the DC promised immediate corrective actions to regulate waste disposal practices.

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Highlighting the importance of community involvement, she advocated for incorporating school students in river clean-up drives to cultivate environmental consciousness.

“Children can play a significant role in promoting environmental cleanliness,” she stated.

The meeting concluded with a resolution to organize a large-scale, community-driven river clean-up event at Abo Tani Colony, near Waii Apartment, on July 6 next.

The Deputy Commissioner took proactive measures to ensure the event’s success.


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