Itanagar: A small step towards clean environment

ITANAGAR-  A small step towards clean environment:  The  Capital Complex Dree Festival Committee-2021 and the Dree Ground Management Committee have organised a Social Service-Cum-Awareness Programme on Cleanliness on Sunday.

The main theme of the programme was, ‘a small step towards clean environment’ with a motto of, ‘time is never wasted when spent for good a cause’.


The cleanliness programme was carried out in the Pappu River from Sangno Resort to till Lower Hanging Bridge in Pappu Nallah, Naharlagun and overall Dree Ground.

More than one hundred volunteer participated individually and under the banner of different clubs and NGOs. The volunteer were distributed hand gloves and mask by Organising Committee, beforehand.

Itanagar: A small step towards clean environment

Mr. Tanyang Tatung, General Secretary, CCDFC-2021 on behalf of the organising committee started the programme at 8:30 AM by welcoming the volunteer from different corner of Itanagar, Nagarlagun, Nirjuli, Karsingsa, Bandredewa and Doimukh for sparing their valuable time for this good cause.

In his welcome address he emphasised on the significance of cleanliness and harmony with nature especially during this pandemic time. He emphasised that we must learn to maintain cleanliness in and around of our dwelling place and especially should preserve our rivers and streams so that our eco system is not disturbed.

The social service programme was flag off by Mr. Tallo Jarjo, DGMC and he too extended the significance of cleanliness and awareness among the general public. He encouraged all to actively and dedicatedly participate in the programme so that it would be a fruitful one.

For successful roll out of the programme, Mr. Millo Tadu, Social Service Secretary, CCDFC-2021 and his team divided the volunteers into two groups. One group was entrusted to clean Pappu River and the second group was entrusted to clean the Dree Ground.

Itanagar: A small step towards clean environment

The cleaning of Northern side of Dree ground was led by Mr. Buru Mali, Chief Coordinator, Swachta & Fire Fighting Committee, CCDFC-2021 and his team. And, the Southern side of the ground was led by the Joint Secretaries – Mr. Koj That (Itanagar), Mr. Taku Takey (Naharlagun), Mr. Kago Rajen (Banderdewa/Karsingsa), Mr. Pura Dailyang (Doimukh), Mr. Liagi Gambo (Nirjuli) and their team.

The cleaning of the Pappu River from Sangno Resort point was led by Mr. Nani Pusang Laji, Games & Sport Secretary, CCDFC-2021 and his team. They carried out cleaning of garbage from Sangno Resort point and move down towards downstream till Dree Ground. On the other side, Mr. Nako Johny, Culture Secretary, CCDFC-2021 and his team carried out cleaning from Lower Hanging Bridge and move towards upstream to till Dree Ground.

All the blockage points of the river were opened and the stuck garbage-plastic begs, bottles, cloths, cane bottle, etc., were collected by the volunteer in the garbage bag and polypropylene bags. The loaded garbage bags were than taken and hoarded at Dree Ground. After, completing the cleaning of river, the gathered garbage were later on packed in more than hundred polypropylene bags and displaced through Swach Bahart Mission Truck for disposal.

Mr. Millo Abing Pussang, Chairman, CCDFC-2021, General Secretary, CCDFC, and other elder members interacted with the families’ members residing in the bank of the Pappu Rivers to maintain cleanliness and asked them not to throw any garbage and disposal in the stream. Encouraged by their words few children from locality also volunteered and participated in the social service.

The cleanliness programme was concluded with lunch break at 1:30 PM. After lunch break the Dree celebration committee organised a small programme of a friendly volley ball and badminton programme among the various clubs.

The programme ended at 3:30 PM by vote of thanks by Tanyang Tatung to all the volunteer and participants from the side of the Capital Complex Dree Festival Committee-2021 and the Dree Ground Management Committee. He concluded his remark by saying that, ‘though this social service programme was started by elders but from today onwards younger generation should led and take the responsibility to maintain cleanliness and beautification of our state’.


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