Viral Video: Man performs dangerous stunt on moving car. Mumbai Police reacts to viral video

Netizens reacted to the video saying, “He thinks himself to be superman."

Viral Video:    A viral video of a man performing a dangerous stunt on a moving car has prompted an investigation by the Mumbai traffic police. In the video clip a man is seen standing on the roof of a car with a Rajasthan registration plate.

The video caught the attention of traffic police after it was widely circulated on social media.In the alarming footage, a man in a colourful t-shirt is seen standing on the roof of the white Swift while it appears to be moving without anyone behind the wheel.


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The Mumbai traffic police responded on their platform and tagged the Navi Mumbai Police, indicating that the incident might have taken place within Navi Mumbai’s jurisdiction.

Netizens reacted to the video saying, “He thinks himself to be superman.”

“Please make sure his licence is cancelled so that he does not endangers others lives,” wrote a social media user.

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Social media users expressed outrage over the stunt, condemning the hazardous act and calling for strict action against those responsible.

Another user commented: “Waiting for Rajasthan traffic police now.. They seem to be busier than mumbai traffic police.”

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One user suspected that he did it for fame. “I strong feel he knows consequences but he will still do it for fame & views…they don’t fear police action…they don’t mind any action against them,” the user said.

However, some sided with the man performing stunts, saying that he did not hurt anyone and did not deserve to be jailed.


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