Viral Video of Speeding biker crashes as stunt goes wrong

On the time of filling this report, the clip has been viewed more than 60,000 times.

VIRAL VIDEO- The Delhi Traffic Police has posted a video of a young man performing dangerous stunt on a motorcycle on Twitter to urge people to stay safe and not drive too fast. The 36-second video, credited to YouTube, doesn’t specify where it has been shot but shows the stunt of the biker being recorded by a motorcycle rider behind him.

As the video starts, a man is seen driving his motorcycle in a rash manner on a road which is less crowded. A Hindi song “Meri Marzi” plays in the background as the impatient rider makes a quick dash between the vehicles in front of him.


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The video then cuts to the rider losing his balancing and slipping on the road. After the dangerous stunt, his bike is seen shaking moments before he falls on the ground. Fortunately, the man is wearing a helmet but his head narrowly escapes hitting the silencer of another motorcyle. His bike, meanwhile, drags for a few metres before coming to a stop.

The video then shows a garlanded photo frame with the message “He used to perform bike stunts” – a warning that such things can have fatal consequences.

On the time of filling this report, the clip has been viewed more than 60,000 times. Users have appreciated the “fresh mode of campaign”, lauding the traffic police for delivering a powerful message in a funny way.

Twitter users appreciated the creativity of Delhi Traffic Police.


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