Bulli Bai App: Know all about this trending topic

this word is very much discussed nowadays.... especially among internet users.

Bulli Bai App, this word is very much discussed nowadays…. especially among internet users. Actually Bulli Bai is the name of an app which is being searched the most on the internet nowadays and remains a trending topic. This word or to say that the bully bi case has attracted millions of internet users. However, still very few people know that what exactly is the Bully Bai by App issue? And why is there so much controversy over this topic? Why are arrests happening? In above video we are going to tell you in detail about Bulli Bai App.  

Friends, Before understanding it, it is important for you to know that how suddenly Bully Bi App came in the headlines.

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In fact, during the first week of the new year, social media platforms……… Twitter was flooded with pictures of several women (especially Muslims) of a particular community, with the caption, “ Today’s your Bulli Bai is…”. And hashtags like #BulliDeals #SulliDeals #BulliBai were being used.

Surprisingly, these women did not even know how their pictures are becoming viral on social media. What is even more shocking is that using these captions and hashtags, women of a particular community were auctioned off on online platforms.

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And there was no criminal to do all this. And from there they were completing this work. ……. no one even knows each other…….. did not even meet each other…… but were doing all these exploits through the app.

The police have arrested four people so far in the Bulli Bai Eap case. You will be surprised to know that there is also an 18 year old girl named Shweta Singh who has been arrested from Uttarakhand.

According to reports, Neeraj Bishnoi, who is being told as the master mind of Bulli Bai app, was arrested from Assam.

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Neeraj, along with running this account on Twitter, also created the Bully by app page through GitHub. 21-year-old Neeraj Bishnoi is pursuing computer science engineering.

The things that Neeraj has told the police during interrogation are more shocking.

Zee News reported that Neeraj Bishnoi was angry with a particular community and used to target women who were active on social media with the ideology of that particular society.

Friends, the thing to think about here is that if such a mentality developed in the youth of such a young age, then how. ….. it is necessary to find the reason behind this and understand it because at the stage of age when they should be able to stand on their feet by reading and writing, they are getting entangled in this kind of crime which makes them dark and is pushing.

Well now let me tell you that what is Bulli by app and how it was working and how the action against it started…….

Bully Buy App San Francisco was uploaded to the best open source software platform GitHub. In this, photographs of women of a particular community were uploaded for online auction.

Bully by app was a means of trapping people and extorting money from them.

The idea behind this app was to put women from a particular community up for auction and earn money in return. However, no such actual auction event has been reported so far.

The group that was running the app was taking pictures of popular women, celebrities, influencers, and journalists from the internet and uploading them to the app. These online scammers were stealing pictures of these women from social media accounts and listing them on the platform.

An FIR was registered in this case on January 1 when a woman journalist complained that her photograph was uploaded on Twitter account @bullibai_ and another account. The police launched an investigation and the accounts were suspended on Twitter. GitHub blocked users by removing the app.

Cyber ​​experts team of Mumbai Police probing the case traced three dozen IP addresses using penetration technique.

Initially, the location of these IP addresses was found in Japan and the US. Multiple masking caused trouble in tracking. Eventually the police tracked the location using IP unmasking technique.

And after that the members of the gang running the Bully app started getting caught by the police one after the other. Till now  four people have been arrested nd police is considering Neeraj as the master mind of Bulli Bai app.

Navbharat Times has written in its report that during interrogation, Neeraj told that he was very upset with the political stand and report of some journalists and wanted to teach them a lesson, that is why he had listed the picture of journalists on Bulli Bai app.

So this was the full story of Bulli Bai app that I told you.


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