VIRAL: Rajasthan teacher changes gender to marry lover

VIRAL: Rajasthan teacher changes gender to marry lover- Real story-   You all must have heard the story of Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha and many more love stories,   but the story we have brought for you here today is that of Laila and Laila, Heer and Heer. It is a love story of two women.

Here, if you are thinking that this is the story of lesbian lovers, then friends, here you are wrong, there is a twist in the story that made it national headlines.


Two woman became so madly in love with each other that one of them got his gender changed and became a man from woman and then both of them got married.

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In Bharatpur, Rajasthan, a female teacher fell in love with a girl student of her own school. The marriage of both of them was getting hampered due to the gender being same. After this, the female teacher got her gender changed and married the student.

Although both are happy and after changing the gender, their marriage is being discussed everywhere.

Actually, Meera, a resident of Deeg, is posted as a physical teacher in Government Secondary School, Nagla. Kalpana, a resident of the village, also studied in the sme school.

Kalpana is a good player of Kabaddi. She has played national three times.

Meera and Kalpana, a teacher of physical education, fell in love while meeting in school. The love between Meera and Kalpana grew so much that both of them decided to get married.

However, there were obstacles between the two regarding their gender.

Finally  Meera decided to change gender in the year 2019. Had surgery several times. After the completion of the gender change process, she became Aarav from Meera.

Although Aarav and Kalpana’s marriage is unconventional in India and very few people take such a step, but their parents have accepted their marriage.

Friends, this is not the first such incident of Meera and Kalpana of Rajasthan. Earlier, Hiranyam Dey, a resident of West Bengal, had undergone sex-reassignment surgery in the year 2017. Through this he had changed his gender. She went from boy to girl.


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