VIRAL: Artist makes portrait of Nagaland Minister on peepal leaf went viral on Social Media

GUWAHATI- Assam-based artist Bishal Deka shared Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along’s portrait that he made on peepal leaf on Twitter.

Bishal Deka, an artist from Assam has taken the internet by storm after he painted a portrait of Nagaland higher education Minister Temjen Imna Along on a peepal leaf with acrylic colours. The artist even shared the video of the entire process and photos of his painting on his Twitter handle.


Mr Deka’s tweet soon drew the attention of Imna Along who shared his painting with a caption informing people that the painting was created on a peepal leaf.

“Ayalee! This is so sweet!” wrote Nagaland Minister while sharing Deka’s artwork. He added, “Thank you, @BishalDekaArt, for this beautiful and captivating piece of art! Guys you will be surprised to know that this painting has been created on a leaf of Peepal! His creativity has to be admired.” It also accompanied a folded hands emoticon.

Along later shared a video of Deka’s artwork and informed his Twitter followers that he would be using it as his DP to show his appreciation. “As a token of love and appreciation, I will be using it as my DP!” the minister wrote.


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