VIRAL VIDEO: Bull Enters a Bank in UP’s Unnao, Netizens Say ‘Paise Nikalne Aaya Hoga’

SP leader Akhilesh Yadav Says ‘Came To Collect Rs 15 Lakh Promised By BJP’.

VIRAL VIDEO of a bull entered in State Bank of India’s Unnao branch in Uttar Pradesh. Movement of people in banks is a common thing, But if a stray bull enters a bank then it is a strange incident. One such incident has come to light in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, where a bull entered the State Bank of India. During this time there was chaos in the bank and people were completely scared. This video of the bull is going viral on social media, people are getting surprised after seeing it.


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In the viral video on social media, it is clearly visible that the bull is roaming inside the bank. The people standing inside the bank look scared. People started running here and there to save themselves.

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The bull entered the bank and reached near the cashier’s counter. During this, the cashier got completely scared and left his seat and started running here and there. It is being told that the bull entered the bank around 12 noon. At that time bank employees and account holders were also present in the bank.

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Ultimately the security guards of the bank succeeded in taking the bull out of the bank with great difficulty.

While sharing this video in social media , Samajwadi party President Akhilesh Yadav has again targeted the Modi government and said  ‘Came To Collect Rs 15 Lakh Promised By BJP’.


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