Viral Video: Woman creates reels while giving flying kiss on moving bike, video went viral

The woman is sitting facing backwards on the bike and is getting her video shot while giving flying kisses.

Viral Video:  A video is going viral on social media in which a woman is sitting back on the rider on a moving bike and is giving flying kisses.


This video is viral on social media is from Chhapra district of Bihar. In this video of about 23 seconds, the woman sitting behind on the bike rider became a sensation on social media by making obscene gestures and stunts.

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It can be seen in the video that two people are riding on a bike. One is a woman while the other is a young man who is riding a bike. The woman is sitting back, is wearing only a saree, which means she is not feeling cold even in this cold season.

The woman is sitting facing backwards on the bike and is getting her video shot while giving flying kisses. Then another bike riding youth is also seen in the video from behind who is giving a flying kiss to the woman, the woman also gives a flying kiss in response. Then the woman becomes shy and starts refusing him with gestures.

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The surprising thing is that there is no number plate on both the bikes and neither is anyone wearing a helmet.  However, the video is going viral on social media. And netizens are commenting a lot.

One user wrote that there is no number plate, issue a challan. Another user writes that it’s all a stunt to become famous.

Another user writes that the police should issue him a challan because he is making wrong gestures and that too on the road.

Next user writes: This is the era of reels, don’t consider it real.

Another user writes that I think the police should file an FIR in the name of an unknown person.

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Another gentleman writes in the comment that it is a scripted video, that is why the number plate of the bike is not there so that no one can take any action.  Similarly, people are commenting a lot.

Many such videos went viral on social media, in which people were seen doing stunts on bikes. After the video went viral, the police took action on the basis of the number plate. Perhaps due to this fear, now people are doing stunts by removing number plates and the same has happened in this video also.

Information could not be found as to who is the woman who shot the video while sitting on the back of a moving bike, but her video is going viral.


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