Itanagar: World Soil Day observed at Moin Village

ITANAGAR:  Along with the rest of the world, Directorate of Soil and Water Conservation (S&WC), RWD observed ‘World Soil Day’ with the theme-‘Keep Soil Alive; Protect Soil Biodiversity’ here at Moin Village. The staff of S&WC, villagers, and PRI leaders participated in the event.


 Highlighting the history of ‘World Soil Day’, Director-, S & WC- Joram Puppa briefed the gathering about the importance of conservation of soil. There are different departments with various importance but  conservation of Soil should be given top priority, as it is the most vital component for any development, even many civilization has vanished due to unsustainable development of soil ‘ asserted Director Joram

 While advocating for the intensive –integrated farming, Joram also expressed his views that if villagers extend support to conserve soil and its health, Department may give a consideration to bring IIF projects. Further stressing for the conservation of soil  Director stated “ poor soil make  poor Famer and the poor farmer makes the country poor, so we have to take a pledge today to protect the biodiversity of soil and  keep the Soil alive by not contaminating it.

‘Every day we are losing at least 50 different species of flora & fauna due to contamination of soil’ informed Joint Director, S&WC- RN Singh. ‘Arunachal Pradesh has fertile soil and has rich biodiversity; don’t ruin it by contaminating it, he suggested. Why should we depend on other fertilizers which are chemically impure, stated Singh while appealing to the locals to use as much as organic vermicopost in their gardens or in farms.

 He also suggested the villagers to use the soil or other natural resources judiciously. We have to think for the future generation, and only use the natural resources as much as we need, stated Joint Director RN Singh

Meanwhile, a Vermicompost Unit sanctioned by the Directorate of Soil and Water Conservation, RWD has been also installed on the farm of a local entrepreneur Boken Kino.

Among others, SCO(S&WC)- ND Pubiyang, ASCO(S&WC)- G Siram,SSCA-Talo Ekke also spoke on the occasion.  Gaon Burahs, PRI leaders, villagers and other staff of the Directorate of S&WC also participated in the event.


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