Arunachal: AP QueerStation Concludes Pride Month with Successful ‘Soliloquy’ Queer Exhibition

The overwhelming response to the 'Soliloquy' exhibition has left the organizers feeling hopeful and energized.

ITANAGAR- AP QueerStation marked the end of Pride Month by organizing a highly successful queer exhibition titled ‘Soliloquy: Expressing Queer Diversity.’ Held over two days at the Science Centre, IG Park, the event attracted a large gathering of young and adult attendees who came to witness and engage with the untold and challenging stories of the marginalized LGBTQIA+ community.

The exhibition featured three main segments: art pieces, photography, and interactive installations, each vividly expressing the experiences and narratives of the LGBTQIA+ community. Submissions were received not only from Arunachal Pradesh but also from other Indian states and abroad.


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Notable contributions included works from Marc Ohrem-Leclef, a Brooklyn-based photographer and visual artist, the Chinky Homo Project, an online queer anthology highlighting stories from Northeast India, and Rishav Thakur, curator of ‘Queer Objects’ and many others. Additionally, the exhibition included a book archive with selections from Zubaan Collection Publications.

The event was organized in partnership with The Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI), an organization dedicated to making mental health services accessible to marginalized communities through grant-making, capacity-building, and advocacy.

Prominent attendees included writers, professors, actors, and artists such as Jamuna Bini, Millo Sunka, Millo Ankha, Taba Anya, Lisa Lomdak and more. The turnout and participation underscored the growing support and interest in queer issues within the region.

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Sawang Wangchha, founder of AP QueerStation, emphasized that the main objective of the organization is to enhance queer visibility and bridge the gap between society and the LGBTQIA+ community. He expressed his belief that exhibitions like ‘Soliloquy’ are essential for achieving this goal through art and literature.

“We are thankful to everyone who attended the event and listened to our stories,” Wangchha said. He also extended gratitude to the Science and Technology Department of Arunachal Pradesh for providing a safe space for the exhibition.

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Romik Sai, the curator and researcher of ‘Soliloquy,’ highlighted the importance of creating dialogue about queerness within and beyond the community. “One of our main focuses was to bring in aspects of intersectionality and the marginality of queer individuals, primarily from the Northeast region of India. However, our curation was not limited to just the narratives of Northeast India; we received submissions from beyond India as well,” Sai stated.

The overwhelming response to the ‘Soliloquy’ exhibition has left the organizers feeling hopeful and energized. AP QueerStation plans to continue organizing such events to further their mission of promoting queer visibility and fostering an inclusive society.


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