Itanagar: Workshop on Autism, ADHD, SLD & Down Syndrome held

The programme kickstarted with welcome speech delivered by Kaman Pertin, Secretary, Ayang Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd.

ITANAGAR-  A One Day Awareness Workshop on Autism, ADHD, SLD & Down Syndrome was organized by Ayang Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd. & K. Blooming Early intervention & Learning Center in collaboration with All Arunachal Pradesh Psychological Association at Good Shepherd School, Naharlagun.


The programme kickstarted with welcome speech delivered by Kaman Pertin, Secretary, Ayang Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd. She emphasized on the importance of such events which are quintessential to disseminate a cognizance and acquaint the students and educationists with the contemporary lived reality issues pertaining to issues related to mental health of all, with special regard to children.

The first technical session was delivered by Dr. Razia Tamuk, Occupational Therapist on the topic ‘ASD, ADHD’. She commenced the presentation with a focus on the basics related to learning disability amongst children, the professionals involved in case handling and their differing roles in addition to some jargon specific terminologies related to the said topic were also briefed.

She highlighted on the importance of parents, teachers and other caregivers to be vigilant in observing some specific risk factors via the behaviours displayed in the child and seek expert help as and when required for early intervention, which was demonstrated via pictures as well as her talk. Outcomes of the workshop, challenges and way-forward for the concerned stakeholders through Psychological perspective was delivered aptly by the resource person.

Second resource person of the day was, Psychologist Minnie Gongo, currently working in District Early Intervention Centre, NHM, Longding. She delivered on the topic SLD. She highlighted on understanding the signs & symptoms which differ in terms of reading and writing with that of the children of the same chronological age. The various types of SLD namely Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia were appropriately differentiated via practical examples, the specific challenges and the do’s and don’ts.

Oyi Pertin, Special Educator at K. Blooming Early Intervention & Learning Centre, Naharlagun the third resource person spoke on “How to teach Children with ASD, ADHD & SLD”. She primarily focused on the teacher’s point of view being empathetic, to provide a listening ear to accomodate the needs of the special children and generating awareness and acceptance in the same regard. The final message for creation of a safe and positive environment was also emphasized.

The programme officially came to an end with the closing speech delivered by Joshy V. Kurian, Principal, Good Shepherd School, Naharlagun. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Kaveri Haging, Member Secretary, Ayang Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd.

Nearly 60 participants attended the workshop in physical mode which included B.Ed Special Education (LD) students from Hills College of Teacher Education, Lekhi as well as faculty members of Good Shepherd School.


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