Arunachal: RGU students organised Tree Plantation and Cleanliness Drive on World Environmental Health Day

ITANAGAR-    Students from the MA 3rd Semester of the Department of Education of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) organized a one-day Tree Plantation Cum Cleanliness Drive on the occasion of World Environmental Health Day. The event, held at the Community Health Centre in Doimukh, Papum Pare district, aimed to underscore the pivotal role trees play in the environment and foster a sense of responsibility among local residents.

The enthusiastic MA 3rd Semester students embarked on a spirited march from RGU’s Department of Education to the Community Health Centre in Doimukh. During the procession, they proudly carried self-made dustbins and banners to emphasize the significance of environmental health.


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Upon reaching their destination, the students showcased a thought-provoking skit accompanied by an awareness song, vividly depicting the ongoing environmental degradation and its dire consequences. This powerful performance delivered a compelling message to the public, urging them to take ownership of their environment for a brighter future.

As part of their initiative, the students planted tree saplings in the vicinity of the Community Health Centre and took measures to protect these saplings from domestic animals and trespassers. To promote cleanliness, they also installed self-made dustbins within the CHC premises, emphasizing the importance of responsible waste disposal.

The program was led by four dedicated students of MA 3rd Semester who served as group captains: Mr. Mintu Kuli, Mr. Kigo Raksap, Ms. Kamang Libang, and Ms. Yab Anu Comdir.

Addressing the gathering, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. T. Lhungdim, and Head of the Department of Education at RGU, Prof. P.K Acharya, lauded and motivated the students for their commendable efforts in serving their community members.

During the event, the program coordinator, Dr. Tage Monju, shed light on the significance of World Environmental Health Day and encouraged students to become active citizens in creating a cleaner environment for the well-being of our planet. Dr. Anga Padu, another program coordinator, stressed the vital role of cleanliness and tree plantation drives in enhancing the overall quality of life on Earth.

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Dr. Lobsang Chuki, the Medical Officer in charge of the Community Health Centre in Doimukh, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the students for their tree plantation drive. She also utilized the opportunity to raise awareness about rabies, emphasizing the importance of proper animal vaccination and offering precautionary measures to prevent this deadly disease.

This inspiring initiative by RGU’s Education Department students stands as a testament to the profound impact of education and community involvement in promoting environmental health and responsibility.


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