Itanagar: NGOs, College NSS Unit jointly clean Yagamso River on World Rivers Day

The event aimed to raise awareness about the significance of rivers and the urgent need to protect them.

ITANAGAR-   In commemoration of World Rivers Day, NGOs Youth Mission for Clean River and Abralow Memorial Multipurpose Society, in collaboration with the NSS unit of Bini Yanga Government Women College Lekhi, conducted a river cleaning event at the Yagamso river stretch in the Changranagar area. The initiative was supported by the Itanagar Smart City Development Corporation Limited.

The volunteers demonstrated their commitment to environmental preservation by tirelessly collecting over 150 bags of garbage from the Yagamso river. The event aimed to raise awareness about the significance of rivers and the urgent need to protect them.


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Addressing this year’s World Rivers Day theme, ‘Rights of Rivers,’ Keyom Doni, the Assistant Coordinator of the Yagamso River Rejuvenation Project (YRRP), emphasized the vital role rivers play in our ecosystem.

He stated, “Rivers are the lifeline of our planet, nurturing ecosystems, sustaining communities, and providing us with essential resources. Yet, they are under constant threat from pollution, overuse, and neglect. It’s crucial that we recognize the importance of protecting rivers and acknowledge their rights as vital entities in our ecosystem.”

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Doni underscored that rivers have the inherent right to flow freely, remain clean and unpolluted, and support the diverse life that depends on them. The river cleaning drive exemplified the community’s dedication to safeguarding these rights.

Advocating for collective action against river pollution, Doni appealed, “Let’s remember that our actions today will determine the state of these lifelines for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our rivers continue to thrive.”


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