Arunachal: Palin river cleaning mission by AKDDSU and YMCR



All Kra Daadi district students union (AKDDSU) in collaboration with Youth Mission for clean river (YMCR) of Arunachal Pradesh today launched Mission Palin river clean with support of several students leaders and students of the township.

The participants hundreds in numbers today tried their best effort to clean the Palin river in the vicinity of the Palin township and adjoining area and create awareness among the people living on the bank of river and township.

AKDDSU President Pakyum Talop said that today’s initiative is an awareness among the locals. Maintaining cleanliness is the need of hour and we in any case have to maintain hygiene so that several disease do not attack and we can remain fit and fine with a clean and green environment.

We have meet Deputy Commissioner and have apprise him about presence of several unwanted toilets every where and it have also been observed that several toilets exist are made toward the river which are polluting the Palin river. A memorandum would be submitted to district administration to take necessary action soon. President said.

We will make several awareness and will continue so that the people change their mindset and use dustbins and not throw garbage’s here and there, he added.

He further appeal the locals to join hands with administration and students community to continue cleanliness in their respective area time and again to remain healthy and disease free.

Youth Mission for clean river (YMCR) Chairman SD Lodha said that we have started several such mission for cleaning of rivers in state. Earlier we have started cleaning of Dikrong river, Clean Senki river and others. It is a motivations for the people of the palin township and hope that the people of the area get more awareness and continue the initiative for maintaining clean and green in their respective areas of state. He further appeal the state government to create some more awareness on clean river mission and others.


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