Itanagar: Corporater to be practical while dealing public works- IMC Mayor

NAHARLAGUN– Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Mayor Tame Phasang urge upon the IMC corporater to be practical while dealing the public works for development and welfare of people.

Addressing the gathering here at Techi Takar community hall at G Sector during the  inauguration  of Corporater office of IMC Ward 16,  Phasang said that “we are elected leaders and responsible to work for the welfare of people and development of area”. “We should hear the public grievances  and also from all section of society before taking a recommendation”.

Wherever the office is being established it should be for the welfare of people and development of area and main agenda of establishing an office need be fulfilled. Phasang said

There is a requirement of permanent office for IMC ,  we are looking for a permanent solution for it and recently visited few location in capital area which will be excessable and approachable for all denizens. He said.

We should start with common public works which are much needed in the public interest and the office should be utilized for public welfare Phasang added.

We should also invite social worker in the development and need to make a good team which would led to better development of capital complex. He further said.

Ward No-16 Corporater Tarh Achak also adders the gathering and urge upon the public to support and cooperate him in making the development of the area.

Later the team also visited and inspected a approach road near the regional laboratory in G Sector.


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