Itanagar- Sale of pork meat banned in capital region

book all those persons who are violating the order- District Magistrate

Itanagar-  The District Magistrate of Capital Region today order to book all those persons who are violating the order on ban of selling of pork meat and take legal action under 188 Indian penal code (IPC) and other appropriate section of law.

The district magistrate on Wednesday in an order Vide No-DC/ICR/01/2020 Dated 29 April 2020 said that an order and advisory was already circulated to the public in this regard.


‘In view of reported large numbers of death of pigs and epidemic type Swine fever prevailing in Itanagar Capital region and also in the neighboring state of Assam. Based on the expert advice of the concern department the sale of pork is banned with immediate effect in the entire capital region. The transportation of pig in and out in the capital region is also strictly prohibited until further order. The Order of the DM said.

This order is issued in partial modification of the earlier order issued in this effect on April 15.

Superintendent of Police (SP), Additional District Magistrate (ADM), Members of Arunachal Pradesh Marjetign Committee (APMC) and Veterinary of IMC are heredity directed to implement the order and take necessary action against the violators. The order added.


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