Itanagar: Commonwealth Parliamentary Association India Region Zone III Conference begins

ITANAGAR-  Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) India Region Zone III Conference is being held at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India from 11th to 13th May 2022 at State Legislative Assembly.

The 18th Conference is being hosted by the Arunachal Pradesh State Legislative Assembly. The state has already hosted the event twice before on May 2002 and April 2011. It is the first annual conference being organized after the Covid 19 pandemic.


Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is an international community of 180 parliaments and legislatures working together to deepen the commonwealth’s commitment to the highest standards of democratic governance. It is an association to serve the parliamentarians of the commonwealth countries by providing machinery for regular consultation and exchange of ideas and information among the members.

It aims to promote closer understanding and co-operation for common purposes between those engaged in the parliamentary form of countries of the commonwealth. It also focuses to strengthen parliamentary democracy through the promotion of good governance and sharing best practice.

The Chairperson of the CPA India Region, Om Birla, Speaker of the Lok Sabha is also going to attend the event. Delegates from all over the north eastern state will also attend the conference.

The Conference is being held to focus on the main issues of north east region and to promote vocal for local. To discuss about the issues, plenary session will be held on both days which will be attended by all the delegates.

On day 1 it will have two sessions on the theme – “Challenges of the north east region and the way forward” and “Preservation of ethnic culture for future generations and role of lawmakers”. On the same day a cultural presentation will be showcased in a presentation titled Mountain Rhythms: Folk Art of the Northeast.

On day 2 for the first session the discussion on the first theme will continue while the theme for the second plenary session will be–“Preservation of Ethnic Culture for future generations and role of lawmakers”. Followed by performance of The North East Symphony: A concert.

The highlight of the event will focus on vocal for local where the caterers will be presenting their respective states’ main delicacy from around the states of the Northeast, various artisans will be showcasing their handloom works, craftsmanship and different handicraft. Prominent singer-songwriter like Alobo Naga from Nagaland will be performing along with various artistes who will also be performing folk music and fusion music.


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