Itanagar- 2 arrested including a woman in Dikrong rape and murder case

As per the statement given by the main accused, Kalpana Basumatary was the mastermind of killing the deceased, who is also a lover of main accused Ali.



Itanagar Capital police arrested two persons including a woman  in connection with the rape and murder case of a woman on the river bank of Dikrong at Nirjuli on 5th July last.

Capital SP, Tumme Amo informed that three days after a 40-years old woman was found dead near Dikrong Bridge, the main accused of the case one Issak Ali from Bathiya Gaon, Bangal Mara Outpost and co-accused Kalpana Basumatary have been arrested by the police from Assam today morning.

“The main accused has confessed the whole episode,” added the SP.

As per the confession of the main accused, the deceased was killed while raping and washed off the evidence after she died. Such was the brutality that she was hit with stone on her chest and head three times, before throwing two stones in to the river. “One stone was left behind and the police had taken that stone in custody as weapon for committing murder,” informed the SP.

Amo informed that as per the statement given by the main accused, Kalpana Basumatary was the mastermind of killing the deceased, who is also a lover of main accused Ali. “Even Ali did not want to kill but she manipulated him to kill so that they could elope to other state after taking money from the deceased,” he added.

SP informed that Ali had made a false promise to the deceased that he would elope with her and asked her to bring Rs. 1 lakh so that they could go to other state “But all along, it was a plot to rob the cash and elope with Kalpana,” he said.

“All along it was a plan to kill while having a physical intimacy, and run away with the amount he asked to bring. But the deceased did not bring any cash with her. So they return to their place,” said Amo.

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“The accused who has four kids, said that he used to meet with the deceased at the place where the murder took place, but this time came along with his another lover Kalpana with a motorcycle to commit the crime,” he said.

According to the accused, he has been married four times and also was known with the deceased and the co-accused Kalpana. The deceased and the main accused came to know each other through dialing of wrong number while he was in staying in Lekhi as daily wage earner and had been in contact with her.

“Ali also said that he sent two of his friends ahead to the spot to arrange stones for killing, but we are interrogating the statement. It can be a plot to trap others as well,” said Amo stating that further investigation will be done.

SP informed that they zeroed it down to Ali from the examining the calls made from the deceased number. “As per the call records, they were in touch. And Ali had called her at 4 pm on 4th July from Laluk and again at around 6 pm upon reaching to Nirjuli,” he informed.

“As of now, we have seized one motorcycle bearing no. AS 07 N 6563 and two mobile phones from both the accused,” stated the SP informing that further investigation is being carried out on the case and assured that arrest will be made soon if other persons are also involved.

He further appealed the people of the state to be vigilant and take their own safety measures from such persons. “Your safety is more important than your freedom,” added Amo appealing to the public to be careful to be in touch with strangers.

He also extended his appreciation to the Assam police especially SP Lakhimpur and IO Outpost from Bangal Mara and Khelmati and team of his officer of Nirjuli Police station and others for the active cooperation in making the arrest.


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