Bankers observed  “save public sectors bank day”


The staffs of several public sector banks in Itanagar under the supervision of Lead Bank today observed “save public sector bank day” in state capital.

The staffs of several public sector banks in Itanagar today staged protest against the apathy of the central government going for privatisation and several rules and regulation frames which are not in the interest of the customers.

Addressing the media person at the premises of the State Bank of India Regional Office at Bank Tinali the SBI Officers Association (NE Circle) and state Secretary of All India Bank Officers Confederation Bengia Tabb said that the public sector banks have been playing a pioneer role to ensure broad based economic development in the country. The public sector banking started in the year with State Bank of India in 1955 and with 7 associates bank in 1959. But nationalisation of 14 major private bank in 1969 changed the banking map and another 6 private banks also nationalised in the year 1980. The Regional Rural Banks also  ushered in 1975 and expanding the public sector banking in the country.

The public sector banks become main engine of growth and development of the country constituting a total of 90 banking system. The achievement and contribution of the public sector banks have been phenomenal and unprecedented and today banking service have touched the lives of every Indian citizens and hundreds of branched have been made to reach out to the masses Tabb said.

He said that despite their achievements and contribution all these PSBs the central government has been pursuing  for hell-bent on pushing through reforms agenda of privatisation and consolidation of our banks with view to hand over these great financial institution to the private vested interests

Government is also providing license to open private banks and weakening the PSBs and it is the idea to de-integrate the PSBs and struggle shall continue. It is not only to privatise the banks but to consolidate  them through merger into big bank which have been failed in past in different parts of world, Tabb said.

The government have been pursuing fatal policy risking the hard earned saving of the common people and levied services charged which may be misunderstand by the common people as the bank have been charging service charges and we shall oppose these pursuit of merger and amalgamation of banks, Tabb said.

Tabb said that the banks are facing today is increasing of loans decorously called as NPAs which have reached danger level threatening the very sustainability and viability of our banks. These bad loans are eating our banks and corporate defaulters and person like Bijaya Malia are escort free. He said that the government need to recover these loan but charging service charges with the innocent and poor  customers.

He said that today was the 48th anniversary of the nationalisation of the major banks but we have been compelled to protest against the government for their action towards the people friendly banks of the country without thinking for more than 7 lakh staffs and their family. He said In state capital too there are more than 26 PSB and the staffs and all have extended their support for the cause.

He said since there were no Banking club in state so today a club is being opened in Vijaya Bank and from today we shall have close coordination among all the banks officer with each other and will also a part of state and country development  Tabb added

They were shouting slogans Stop anti-people banking reforms, do not privatise PSBs, stop plan of merger of banks, do not allow corporate defaulters to kill our banks, take criminal action on wilful defaulters, recover corporate bad loans, do not pass on the burden of corporate NPAs on banks customers through hike in service charges,


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