Arunachal: Power Supply restored from Kamle to Namsai

The work of restoration of power supply was completed on 1st October 2022, at 18.30 hrs.

ITANAGAR-   After tirelessly working since 28th September, the Department of Power has restored the power supply in all the affected areas from  Kamle to Namsai districts

The officers of the Department of Power informed that the Power supply was disrupted on 28th September at around 18:25 hrs. as a result of severe damages to all the three conductors between tower locations 113 and 114 of the 132 kv transmission line named Ziro-Dapo-Aalo-Pasighat-Roing-Teju-Namsai line due to impact of explosive blasts carried out during the road construction works of Trans Arunachal Highway in the Kamle District, rendering the conductors completely unfit for power charging. This forced a power supply shutdown in many parts of the districts from Kamle to Namsai.

The work of restoration had started on 28th September itself, but could not be completed on the next day ie, 29th Sept. 2022, due to treacherous and very risky topography of the particular span site.

Further, an unfortunate incident of electrocution of one of the restoration worker had occurred in the morning of 30th September 2022, which further delayed the restoration work.

However, with best effort of Department of Power, the work of restoration of power supply was completed on 1st October 2022, at 18.30 hrs.

The Department of Power rendered apology for the power supply disruption caused due to the blast carried out by the road construction activity of the PWD.


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