Arunachal: Orientation programme on Social, Emotional and Ethical learning Curriculum launched

TAWANG-    An orientation programme on Social, Emotional and Ethical learning Curriculum was launched today at Kalawangpo convention hall, Tawang. The programme was organised by Dept of Karmic and Adhyatmik affairs and was attended by MLA Tawang Tsering Tashi, Chairman DoKAA Jambey Wangdi, Director Library of Tibetan Works and Archive Dharamsala Geshi Lhakdor, Hindi Translator of the 14th Dalai Lama Kailash Chandra Baudh DC Tawang Kesang Ngurup Damo, SP Tawang Bomge Kamduk other officers teachers and students.


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Speaking on the occasion as main speaker Geshi Lhakdor said that true meaning of education doesnt mean learning reading and writing of scripts, the real meaning of education is flourishing mentally, physically and helping others by being true to self. He

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said it is very important to keep balance of heart and mind and practice love and kindness based on good knowledge. He further said that bitter truth of life is that we all have to die someday,so what shall we gain troubling others in this short span of life. We should accept impermanence and help others.

MLA Tawang Tsering Tashi, Director Jhamtse Gatsal Lobsang Phuntso, Er.Thupten Kalden, translator Kailash Chandra Baudh,Co-Director Flowering Dharma Lobsang Wangmo and Chairman DoKaA also spoke.

The dept shall organise two days workshop on SEE Learning on 2-3rd of November for the teachers and students.


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