PELANG SANGRI: The Living Rocks in Arunachal Pradesh

Pelang Sangri or as translated from Nyishi Dialect, the ‘Living Rocks, situated under Yangte Circle in Kra Daadi District (A.P), one such natural marvel that deserves greater publicity and exploration.

PELANG SANGRI: The Living Rocks in Arunachal Pradesh  ( written By Donik Lamang )- Arunachal Pradesh is a state filled with natural wonders, often undiscovered or known only to the residing locals, which can upon exploration and necessary development pave way for greater tourism footfall in the state.

Pelang Sangri or as translated from Nyishi Dialect, the ‘Living Rocks,  situated under Yangte Circle in Kra Daadi District (A.P),  one such natural marvel that deserves greater publicity and exploration.


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  Pelang Sangri is a group of rocks, magnificently and intriguingly erected in a little plain hallow land in the thigh of the ‘Tane Giabe Hill’ and adjoining ‘Bungliso’ stream, 7 Kms away from Yangte towards Tali road. Situated at a height of 1700 metres above sea level, Pelang Sangri can be reached via a short trek of around 1 Km from the road between Yangte to Tali.

These group of 06( Six) standing rocks, the smallest of which is around 4 metres to the biggest of them at around 14 metres, mirror a scene of an ongoing local parlay in appearance. One can vividly picture these grand standing rocks as being an old family discussing a grave matter, or enjoying a feast, except that they have been accursed into rocks for an eternity.

PELANG SANGRI: The Living Rocks in Arunachal Pradesh

Several stories surround this mystic structure; local village heads tell how the villagers never trespassed these rocks prior to 2013, fearing being possessed by forest spirits, namely ‘Yakso’ or ‘Yapam’. These spirits were known to possess trespassers and seclude them into the confines of the deep forest, never to be found again or alive. Villagers recount numerous stories of such possessions or ‘Yapam  Joha’ in the vicinity of Pelang Sangri.

Villagers tell of how earlier, only the largest of the rocks was visible while the rest of the rocks were covered in sharp thorny creepers and cane, which are aplenty in the area even today. Villagers also tell of the mesmerizing view of the standing rocks during full moon, wherein the rocks shine forth remarkably against the shining moon. The largest of the rocks is deemed to grow every year, and hence the name, Pelang Sangri (The Living Rocks).

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Various objects of interest have also been routinely discovered in the area encompassing these rocks such as a strikingly beautiful polishing Stone (Star Rock), where Tigers have been sighted sharpening their claws. Various rare animals like a Black Python have been reported to lay its eggs near the rocks and a large species of frog, locally termed ‘Arba Barung’ reside around the area.

PELANG SANGRI: The Living Rocks in Arunachal Pradesh

The rocks are monolithic in  nature and have astounding features that have long piqued the curiosity of its visitors. One of the rocks possesses an imprint which uncannily resembles a sketch map of Yangte Valley. Another one of the rocks possesses marks that resemble female organs. Most interestingly, one of the rocks display sonorous properties wherein, hollow sounds emanate when tapped. All of the rocks are sharply pointed and boasts of extremely sturdy geological properties, which can be a treasure trove for further geological research.

In a visit to Pelang Sangri, the Deputy Commissioner Sunny K Singh, accompanied by numerous District Administrative Officers on 19th May 2024, assured to work towards a greater publicity and development of this marvellous natural monument and urged the local villagers to maintain the pristine nature of the rocks.

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Pelang Sangri (The Living Rocks) is a gem in an undiscovered tourism potential of Kra Daadi District in particular and the state Arunachal Pradesh, in general. With a wider publicity, Pelang Sangri can become another popular tourism site in Arunachal Pradesh.

As it found that Pelang Sangri is the natural monuments in form of Rocks erected and grown up at Little Plain Hallow Land in the thigh of ‘Tane Giabe’ Hill. In the Northern side, Stream Bungliso flowing down to Road, In the southern , Mote Stream Flowing down to Road, In the Eastern side, Road from Yante to Tali and Western  side of Pelang Sangri, the Tane Hill or mountain.

At eastern  side just Entry point, it will find Two Standing Rock, at right one monolithic stone Pillars, height   4-5 mtrs,  round about 6 mtrs,  left just 1.5mtrs gaps  rock wall,  height 1-5 mtrs length 8-10mtrs, with having guard room  at Entry points,   swimming pools  end points, Tiger paw at inner back side.

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The  third rock is the greatest of all rock, Its heights were  10-12 Mtrs, length  13-15 mtrs.  This rocks has several form of arts, partitions or rooms, hole and well drainage. Very interestingly  of all was that, in the midst of third rock, there was one pillar stone having  knocking sound, when hits with hand . At the top of third rock, there was narrow way inside, with having several rounded corners rooms.

In between second and third rock there are ground floor measuring about 2 mtrs wide and 10-12 Mtrs long having total plank area of 20-24 square mtrs.  Straight line shape,  like river bed.

The fourth rock is stood few 5 mtrs away from third rock, having unique female organs and fifth rocks stood just two mtrs away from upper side of fourth rock and 6-7 metres away from third rock, there seeming sketch map of Yangte Valley in form of rock.

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Some 20-30 mtrs away from these groups of rocks, there are also group of stones having unique shave and side.

There also sixth rocks just a meter away from upper side of third greatest rock with having bunches of pointed stone.

Most interestingly, local people told that Pelang Sangri became brightest light in every bright full moons. Moreover, another significant feature of Pelang Sangri was quality of rock, we noticed the cement quality of stone and all have thorny pointed tops.

Therefore, I would concluded that Pelang Sangri is  the unique natural formation of monument or arts, unique quality of stones, and  the unique shape  size and designs.

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Lastly, about the Pelang Sangri, people of Yangte valley still believed that when people or visitor visit at Pelang Sangri, it always used to rainfall. Truly  we had  experienced that the  heavy rain thunder and lightning with hailstorm  had fallen  aftermath of our team  visited  at site  on 19th May, 2024 .

It was happened  just one hours after reached by team  at Yangte General  ground and completely disrupted the Final  7th Hangpang Dada, Football and  Volley Ball Tournament played in Between 20th Tali and 18th Palin  Assembly  Constituency.

In conclusion, with lots of gratitude to Takam Dado Talik, ZPM, Yangte and Tarh Tatup, land lord cum  BJP  Mandal president, 18th Palin Assembly Constituency  who hosted delicious lunch on the day  to Sunny K Singh , Deputy Commissioner of Kra Daadi District with entire teams.


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