Arunachal: Over 80 volunteers remove 3.5 metric tonnes of garbage from the Yagamso river

"Our Lifeline, Our Responsibility": Corporator Taz urges residents to stop polluting Yagamso

ITANAGAR-   “Clean rivers are the lifelines of our ecosystem,” emphasized Itanagar Municipal Corporation Ward No-6 Corporator Gyamar Taz as nearly 3.5 metric tonnes of garbage were removed from the Yagamso river at the division four stretch today.  Over 80 volunteers participated in the extensive clean-up drive.

The cleaning effort, which coincided with the International Day for Biological Diversity, was a collaborative effort between the All Abotani Colony Welfare Association (AACWA), NGOs-Youth Mission for Clean River (YMCR) and Abralow Memorial Multipurpose Society, and supported by the Itanagar Smart City Development Corporation.


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Corporator Taz highlighted the critical importance of maintaining clean rivers and a healthy ecosystem. “We must protect our rivers, which are our lifelines,” he stated.

He urged residents to refrain from dumping waste into the river, noting that IMC trucks collect garbage door-to-door daily.

He also called for waste segregation at home to minimize the amount of garbage sent to Hollongi dumping ground. He commended the ward’s youth and public for their enthusiastic participation and assured continuous support to the YMCR team’s future environmental initiatives.

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Tamchi Kame, AACWA President echoed Taz’s sentiments, stressing that maintaining a clean colony is a collective responsibility. “It’s not just up to the IMC or the government; every resident, tenant, shopkeeper, and permanent resident must contribute,” he asserted.

Maga Dada, AACWA General Secretary praised the NGO’s leadership in the campaign and urged everyone to embrace the responsibility of keeping their environment clean. “Collective efforts are essential for a healthier environment,” he said.

YMCR Chairman S D Loda expressed gratitude for the continuous support from Corporator Taz and his team. He highlighted the NGO’s mission to raise grassroots awareness and noted the positive impact of the regular participation from the ward’s residents. He also suggested reducing the use of single-use plastic products.

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Keyom Doni, Vice-Chairman of YMCR, thanked the volunteers and residents for their participation. He outlined the NGO’s initiatives, including awareness campaigns, literary events, social services, and plantation drives aimed at protecting the environment.

He also announced a forthcoming mega cleaning and plantation drive on June 5 to celebrate World Environment Day.

Notable participants in the clean-up included AAPSU Assistant Art and Culture Secretary Kanku Kabak, AAPSU Women Wing General Secretary Khoda Yallam, and singer Pakngam Lombi, who all contributed to the effort.


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