Arunachal: Apatani’s Unique Hong Village in Ziro Valley

Hong Village is situated in the heart of Ziro Valley and this village is famous for Apatani tribes.

 ( By Manzar Alam, Founder Editor,,  Former Bureau Chief (Northeast), Zee News  )-   Hong Village is situated in Ziro, the headquarter of Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. Ziro is one of the most beautiful Himalayan valleys of India. Hong Village is situated in the heart of Ziro Valley and this village is famous for Apatani tribes. Hong Village is about half an hour’s walk from Ziro city.


The whole Hong Village is divided into two parts. One is called Hong Village-i and the other is called Hong Village-ii. As per 2011 census Hong Village-i has a population of 1197, of which 581 are males while 616 are females. Wherein Hong Village-ii has population of 936 of which 458 are males while 478 are females. If we talk about children, then there are 85 children in Hong Village-i and 53 in Hong Village-ii.

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According to the Constitution of India and the Panchayati Raj Act, the administration of the Hong Village is done by the Sarpanch there, who is elected by the people of the village.

In Hong Village, tourists especially come to see the traditional houses of the Apatani people built there which are made of bamboo. These bamboo houses are one story. Some houses are built on the ground and some on a high platform.

Adjacent to most of the houses is a farm and a small pond in which fish farming takes place. This technique of growing millet along with paddy in the fields is not seen anywhere else. In Hong Village, most women are seen doing farming in the fields. The most important thing is that they do not use any modern machines for farming.

Hong Village In traditional homes a large hall is a fire place in the center of the room in which the fire keeps burning day and night and family members sit around the fire place most of the time, gossiping and eating their food. also enjoy.

The people of the Apatani tribe living in Hong Village are one of the few people in the world who like to live with nature. The Hong Village community plays a key role in maintaining a balance with the changing times. Using nature-friendly and sustainable techniques, the forests around the valley have been successfully protected by the Hong Village community, which serve as watersheds for the streams flowing down to irrigate their fields.

There is no doubt that the Apatani tribal village of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most attractive in the entire region. Most of the people of the Apatani tribe follow the Doni Polo religion. Like Hinduism, the people who follow the Doni Polo religion worship the Sun and the Moon. For this, the Doni-Polo flag is fluttering in front of their homes.

In Hong Basti you will find a huge wooden platform called Lapang. This platform has a lot of importance and it is considered a very sacred place. In simple words, you can understand that the village panchayat is held here and every decisions are taken here. People also celebrate the festival collectively here.

In front of the houses in Hong Basti, you see standing wooden T-shaped pillars known as Babo. These pillars represent the clan. The entire community gathers to raise Babo during the annual festival.

Most of the villages in Ziro have their own community cemeteries. These places are often far from the village. The death ceremonies performed by the Apatani tribe will also surprise you. They built bamboo pyramids around the grave called Biyu. When a famous person dies, the Apatani people sacrifice Mithun. The horn of the sacrificed animal is tied to a bamboo pyramid built on his/her grave.

However, now many changes cab bee seen  in this settlement. People started their houses In place of bamboo, houses with brick, cement walls and tin roofs. Paved roads have reached the village. Electricity and mobile phones have changed the way of life. If it has not changed, that is the love of the Apatani tribe with nature.

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Ziro has Advance Landing Ground . Recently Arunachal Pradesh Govt started air service from selected town of Assam.  You can get the details from Arunachal Pradesh Tourism website. you can reach Ziro by road, air or by train up to Naharlagun. Lots of Hotels, and home stays are available in Ziro Township . you can choose one as per your budget.


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