Arunachal- Smart Class to be Introduced in Govt Schools


The State Government will soon introduce the concept of smart classes in Govt run schools, which will see use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to impart education. These classes will be introduced in all 264 government higher secondary and secondary schools across the state from Classes 9 to 10 on phase-wise.


The decision was taken by Chief Minister Pema Khandu today in a cabinet meeting, in which a presentation with respect to the functioning of smart classes was made.

“With the introduction of smart classes, the experience of learning will become simpler and grasping. Especially it will help to demystify the learning of maths and science subjects,” said Khandu.

He said the introduction of smart classes will be first made on pilot basis on select few government schools. Thereafter on success of the project, it will be extended to rest of the government higher secondary and secondary schools, added the Chief Minister.

With the introduction of smart classrooms, the blackboards will give way to digital screens, and pens will be replaced with keyboards and mouse. The smart classrooms will use K-Yan also known as Knowledge Yan, which is a compact teaching-aid that comes packed with projector; PC and DVD in a single box that can connect to Internet.

The state government also plans to equip students with tablets and multi-media kits to make available all the required content for them to interact with the tutors easily. This will make learning easier and for the students to have better appreciation of the lessons taught.

The Chief Minister appreciated the project saying that the children won’t be restricted to textbooks but will be free to browse the internet to help themselves with answers.

The smart solutions for the teaching aid is also expected to come with evaluation mechanism that will test the learning ability of the students, through a software developed by the EdCIL (India) Limited, which is a government of India enterprise. The course content in the K-Yan kit will be based on CBSE and NCERT syllabus.

For successful implementation of the project, special attention will be given to impart training to the teachers on how to run digital classes.

Also considering the poor power scenario in the state, the kit is expected to have power backup of 3-4 hours. Further to alleviate any inconveniences due to power shortage in online classroom teachings, the state government plans to back it up with DDUJY schemes to be implemented in all government run schools.


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