Arunachal: Political activities of Congress has geared up many folds-Takam Sanjoy

The party activities of the Congress have been increase in many fold as every day there have been joining to the party-Takam Sanjoy.



The party activities of the Congress have been increase in many fold as every day there have been joining to the party which is one of the oldest party and in the opposition in state. Said APCC President Takam Sanjoy.

Sanjoy while briefing the media on the occasion of joining programme of several former PRI members and public leaders from Likang Assembly Constituency under Namsai district,  said that the people of state have elected most of the legislatures of the congress party who have went for having ruling berth with a hope of getting special package from the ruling BJP government in centre which have never  done.

The benefit have gone to the creamy layers while the common man are still waiting for the fruit of the development.

The Prime Minister of Indian Narendra Modi who have visited the state but has not announced any package for which the member of the ruling BJP government were eagerly waiting. the congress party have seen all good as well bad time. With the time passage the political scenario has been changing,

Referring the base of the congress in grassroots in state Sanjoy said that the party leaders are now moving toward district, block and village for spreading of the message of the party of communal harmony, secular and brotherhood with development.

He said that the Panchayat Raj body have been dissolved and the state government is still not ready to conduct the election which is one of the concern for the people of the rural area of state. it is learnt that individual schemes are being given to the party leaders, workers and others. He said that the prise of the fuel is rising, the price of cardamom is decreasing due to no proper market and buyers, several state government schemes have been renamed and some of them are not even functioning as per the demand and requiem of the public

The strength of the party is increasing with the joining of two MLA and several public leaders in various parts of the state which include Namsai, Changalng, Papum Pare and others and hope that the common people will come forward and give a befitting reply in the next election in 2019. Sanjoy added.


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