Arunachal Power Minister awards govt contracts to his son- locals alleged

Arunachal Power Minister Tamio Taga awarded  several govt contracts to his eldest son bypassing  govt norms, alleged  locals.



32 Rumgong Constituencies intellectual Forum demanded  Minister Tamio Taga to step down on moral ground.  The forum alleged that Minister has awarded contracts worth of crores to his eldest son and others who are close to him bypassing all the norms.

Armed with RTI, President of the Forum, Tare Tatin alleged that  ” using his official position Minister Tamio Taga  extended undue favours to his eldest son in acquiring about 26 govt contracts, worth of crores sanctioned under SPA, SADA, MLA LAD, PMGHSY etc through a firm DNG enterprises,  owned by his Son,  Taging Taga  as attorney from 2009 to till to day.

According to Tare, some of these projects are  projects included  fencing of  around 150 hectares of compact orange garden at Gargu of Jomoh Village sanctioned under SPA, indoor stadium at Patum, road from Holor to Bine in Jomoh village, community fish pond at Patum, development of colonies staff and quarters including revenue centre around sub-power station, 2×2.5MVA,33/KV substation at Patum over existing 33kv line and 11KV feeder lines under Rumgong electrical subdivision etc.

Tare also  alleged that ” Taga in the capacity of Minister proposed many schemes and got it sanctioned from the government then implemented and few of these schemes have been coincide with his  private property as it for development of his own private land at his Hometown-Jomoh”.

“Most of the tender works were also awarded without floating any NIT and few were executed by the engaging firm from outside violating Arunachal Pradesh District Based Entrepreneurs and Professional (Incentives, Development and Promotional) Rules 2015,” General Secretary, Tajing Jerang alleged.

He cited few examples such as the construction of Road from Holor to Bime in Jomoh Village at an estimated cost of 1 crore under SPA which was allegedly constructed to connect Minister’s private garden and the same tender was allotted to his son firm (attorney).

“Even the community fish pond sanctioned under his MLA LAD and indoor stadium at Patum sanctioned under SAD was shifted from the proposed site and constructed under the residential compound of Taga in the pretext of non-availability of land at the earlier location,” he added.

Jerang alleged that the presence of the same person as a lone contractor in all contracts works raised suspicions on the minister for undue favouritism thereby depriving other genuine contractors.

In this connection, the forum called for a thorough investigation, preferably by the SIT to unearth the whole truth. “If Taga thinks he is innocent in the matter then he should immediately resign or step down on moral ground, and pave the way for an independent investigation into the issue, the forum appealed.

When contacted Minister Power  Tamio Taga have rubbish allegation and said that these unemployed youths might be politically motivated, they might be having connection with any political party and due to which they are pouring allegation on him.


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