Arunachal: Pasighat Press Club conducts its first coordination meeting

The establishment of Pasighat Press Club was a long pending demand of the journalists based in Pasighat and its surrounding districts.

PASIGHAT- The Pasighat Press Club (PPC) which is an affiliated branch of Arunachal Press Club (APC), conducted its first ever coordination meeting on Wednesday here at Pasighat after APC approved for the establishment of the club seeing the need of the journalists working in Pasighat and its neighboring districts.

The establishment of Pasighat Press Club was a long pending demand of the journalists based in Pasighat and its surrounding districts. Establishment of the PPC will not only benefit the journalists, but it will also benefit the general public as well, as the press conferences by civil societies, organizations and institutions including political organizations can now be called in Pasighat Press Club at the line with Arunachal Press Club in Itanagar.


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For smooth functioning of the PPC and to carry forward the task of streamlining office infrastructures, facilities and for the welfare of the journalists, new office bearers were elected/selected by secret ballot vote cast. Accordingly, the members attending the meeting elected Maksam Tayeng as its President and Mingkeng Osik as its General Secretary.

In his address to the fellow journalists, especially to the young and budding journalists, cameramen and crew members, Maksam Tayeng urged each one of them to adhere to the rules and regulations of the APC and to maintain the ethics of journalism.

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He also narrated about the history and struggle of the journalists in Pasighat since a decade ago when East Siang Press Association (ESPA) was formed during 2014 due to non approval of PPC from the APC then owing to certain reasons for the larger interest of state journalism.

Tayeng said that the approval of PPC by APC is a welcome step and expressed hope that the establishment of PPC will not only benefit journalists but it will also ease the hurdles of the common citizen who takes long distance to Itanagar for press conferences.

PPC General Secretary, Mingkeng Osik also spoke in detail about the future route map for the welfare of journalists in Pasighat and its surrounding districts and he too laid emphasis on maintaining journalistic ethics by all media persons operating and affiliating with the PPC.

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Former ESPA General Secretary, now Treasurer, PPC, Ipak  Diyum also spoke  about the dire need of  strengthening PCC while recalling how journalists were often facing hardship in  the absence of a club or common organization.

Other office bearers selected on the day are: Toram Melong (IPR Secy), Osu Gamnoh (Coordinator), Ms Bompi Zirdo (Chief Auditor), Ms Saraswati Gao (Auditor), Ms Neha Perin (Asst. Auditor),  Ms Aliza  Deori (Asst. Treasurer), Anand Borang (Asst. IPR Secy) and Iken  Lomi (Asst. Coordinator).


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