Arunachal: Gajraj Corps establish a library at a Govt HS School in Jang

This initiative, aimed at nurturing goodwill and development in strife-torn areas,...............

JANG- Gajraj Corps of Indian Army has established a Library with essential infrastructures like book, computer, furniture etc,  at the Government Higher Secondary School in  Jang.

As part of Indian Army’s continuous efforts to contribute to various aspects such as infrastructure, sanitation, and environmental conservation, the Gajraj Corps has taken another commendable step in promoting education and fostering a culture of learning in Jang sub division under Operation Sadbhavana.


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This initiative, aimed at nurturing goodwill and development in strife-torn areas, has recently witnessed the establishment of a library at the Government Higher Secondary School, Jang.

The Gajraj Corps gesture of donating 400 books, along with essential infrastructure including eight bookshelves, one computer with a table and chair, and eight tablets with stands, marks a significant step towards enriching educational resources in the Jang region.

Arunachal: Gajraj Cops donates books, computers and furniture to schools in Jang

Access to educational resources has been a persistent hurdle for students aspiring to broaden their horizons. Recognizing this need, the Gajraj Corps has intervened to bridge the gap and provide students with a conducive environment for learning.

The donation of 400 books covers a diverse range of subjects, catering to the varied interests and academic pursuits of students.

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From literature to science, history to mathematics, the library aims to cater to the intellectual curiosity of learners at different levels. Additionally, the provision of eight bookshelves ensures systematic organization and easy accessibility of these resources, facilitating an efficient learning experience.

In today’s digital age, technological tools play a pivotal role in augmenting educational outcomes. Acknowledging this, the Gajraj Corps’ donation of eight tablets installed with Kindle not only promotes e-reading but also fosters a culture of innovation and adaptability among students.

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The inauguration of the library at Government Higher Secondary School, Jang, stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and compassion.

As students immerse themselves in the wealth of knowledge now at their disposal, they embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment, laying the foundation for a brighter future not just for themselves, but for the entire community.


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