Theravada Buddhist Observes Satang Potwa


Satang Potwa marked the end of the three months Rains Retreat of the Theravada Buddhist across State on Sunday. Satang Potwa is observed as an annual ritual that expresses the purity of the Vinaya, as recorded in the Mahavagga volume of the Vinaya Pitika (section IV) of the Pali Canon. It is a day of both historic significance and an opportunity to make merit, benefiting not only the members of the monastic sangha but also lay Buddhists, who are afforded the opportunity to welcome one another with metta (loving-kindness and compassion) thereby enhancing harmony within the community.

At Theravada Buddhist Temple Itanagar, the day was observed in a grand manner by performing various meritorious acts. The lay devotees chanted prayers to pay homage to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha which was accompanied by offerings of food, flowers, incense and other items. The devotees also undertook the Five or Eight Precepts for the day from the Abbott Venerable Bhikkhu Ratnadeepa.


Delivering the Dhamma talk, the learned scholar Venerable Aryadhamma spoke on the significance of observing the Satang Potwa and offered prayers for World Peace. He deliberated on the importance of Tipitika and said that this is the collection of the teachings of the Buddha over 45 years in the Pali language which consist of Sutta -Conventional teaching, Vinaya -disciplinary code and Abhidhamma-moral psychology.

Reading out verses from the second division of the Tipitika known as Sutta Pitika popularly known as the Sermon Basket, he highlighted on the importance of Sutta Pitika which consists chiefly of discourses delivered by the Buddha Himself on various occasions which includes Mangala Sutta (discourse on Blessings), Ratana Sutta (the jewel discourse), Metta Sutta (discourse on goodwill).
He further emphasized on observing the core ethical code of Buddhism known as the five precepts and said that these are the distillation of its ethical principles. The precepts are not rules or commandments, but principles of training, which are undertaken freely and need to be put into practice with intelligence and sensitivity. This moral precept provides a wholesome foundation for personal and social growth. They are practical principles for a good life and the cultivation of virtues, he added.

The celebration of Satang Potwa is followed by the Kathina robe-offering ceremony for monks who observed the Rains retreat. The observance of Kathina robe-offering in the respective Buddhist temple of the lay devotees is determined by Abbott of the temple with consultation of the lay followers.

The day was also observed in a grand religious manner in Kongmukham (Golden Pagoda) Tengapani where Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein and Parliamentary Secretary Planning Chow Zingnu Namchoom were present. The Dhamma talk was presented by Abbott of Kongmukham, Venerable Bhikkhu Vimmilattissa.

Satang Potwa was also celebrated in Namsai, Piyong, Chongkham, Empong, Phaneng, Tezu and other Theravada Buddhist inhabitant places.


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