Do not create hindrances in construction of Itanagar-Naharlagun road-Capital Admin

Till October there were around 42 hindrances out of which around 17 hurdles have been shorted out.



Formation cutting on Itanagar-Naharlaugn four land road is in full progress. Do not created hindrance in construction of road in capital, appeal capital administration.

Itanagar Circle Officer Bitu Kri inform that the formation cutting on the stretch of four lane road between Itanagar-Papu nallah (Naharlaugn) is in full progress, we are monitoring the work on regular basis. There is a strict direction from the capital Deputy Commissioner to  monitor the work on daily basis.

The district administration is on the job, the role of the administration to clear the hurdles and establish coordination between all the line department on the strip plan of the road construction. As and when we received any information of any hurdles we liaise with line department for shifting of utility which is also in the full progress.

Till October there were around 42 hindrances out of which around 17 hurdles have been shorted out. We are looking after the few foot over bridge which would be shifted and capital administration is taking up the issue with Urban development for immediate action.

With regards to traffic advisory, Kri said that in Arunachal there are limited working season and due which the traffic are being halted in night hours and extension has been given till December 10 to facilitate the concessionaire to carry forward the formation cutting smoothly without any hindrances and disturbances. Kri added.

Kri further appeal the denizens to cooperate the agency and administration in smooth construction of road.

Highway Asstiant Engineer, Debia Takam inform that the work sometime got delayed due to hindrances created by individuals and rain. We have sought another one month time from the administration as the formation cutting is not completed. We are expecting that he formation cutting is completed in the given time and work is progress and round the clock work underway. Takam said.

We monitor the work progress and liaise with all deptt with administration and other line deptt and update the work progress to higher authority. Takam added.


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