Arunachal: Nakap Nalo inaugurates e-Ticketing Web-Portal of APSTS

minister booked the first e-ticket through the web-portal.


The Transport Minister, Nakap Nalo on Thursday inaugurated the  e-Ticketing Web Portal of Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services ( APSTS ) and booked the first e-ticket for the route Itanagar to Shillong through the web-portal.

The minister congratulated the entire team of State Transport Services and made special mention of NIC-Uttarakhand who has developed the e-Ticketing Web-Portal in collaboration with NIC- Arunachal Pradesh.

Abu Tayeng, General Manager, APSTS explained the efforts and roadmap undertaken by the department and NIC to launch the e-Ticketing Portal for APSTS. Further, the benefits of going online ticketing, like making APSTS available for citizens including tourists globally anytime and anywhere were highlighted by him.

He also mentioned about the benefit that, the department can harness by having digital records which will bring in transparency and accountability in the functioning of Government.

The e-Ticketing web-portal for Arunachal Pradesh can be accessed at


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