Pul urged DST to provide S&T support for development of micro-hydel, food processing units and cold storage

 New Delhi

Arunachal Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today urged the officials of the Department of Science and Technology to help the  state government develop micro-hydel schemes and to provide technological support to establish food processing units and cold storage. in a meeting held here at Arunachal Bhawan in New Delhi.

 He informed the state government is planning to provide stable power supply to all the administrative centres by developing small hydro projects.

streamCiting his success story of Anjaw district, CM revealed that though the entire district is an off-grid area, almost all the villages and towns have 24 hours power supply. This had been made possible through development of 11 hydel projects in all small streams and rivers of the district. CM said the similar model of stable power supply in Anjaw district could be adopted for rest of the state.

 Also pointing out the economic hardships faced by Arunachali people, CM said that since most crops are perishable items, the farmers are compelled to sell away their crops at cheaper rates. underlying such challenges faced by the border people,

CM appealed for development of proper market linkages, cold storage facilities and food processing units to be established at all major zones in Arunachal. He identified 8 major zonal centres in the state and said that these zonal centres will be established at the foothill areas, which will serve all the districts located in a river valley.

 Pointing out that stable power supply is crucial for cold storage facilities, food processing units and for other economic activities, CM urged the DST to give top priority to harnessing power in the state with full financial support.

CM also said that development of hydels, food processing units and cold storage facilities would require trained manpower creating jobs for unemployed qualified youths. On this matter CM requested the DST to provide all technical and scientific support to groom its manpower.arunachal-women

 Since Arunachal being rich in bamboo, the DST officials suggested on development of bamboo-based industries to develop bamboo fibre board, pulp and paper.

 Citing solar power as good alternative source of power, DST officials offered their full support in the development of this sector. They also suggested generation of power through biomass waste and said the state could also explore that alternative citing success story from states such as Punjab and Rajasthan.

 They further revealed that DST was looking forward to help the state in establishing a climate change study centre. This will help understand current and potential impacts of climate change that could affect the development process, according to DST.


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