NESO & AAPSU calls 11 hour Northeast bandh on Jan 8

NESO, AAPSU opposed proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, called 11 hours  northeast bandh on Jan 8.



The North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) have declared an 11-hour bandh call in entire Northeast  India on January 8 against the proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 which will be placed in the Lok Sabha on January 7 by the present BJP government.

Addressing the reporters at the Arunachal Press Club here today, NESO’s coordinator Pritam Bhai Sonam clarified that they are not against any community but are against the proposed bill which is “detrimental” for the indigenous people of the north eastern states.

“We are already overburdened by several such vexed problems like Chakma-Hajong,  and international border issue. We don’t want any extra burden and the central Government should understand the sentiment of the ingenious people of the region.

Stating that NESO have been opposing the bill since 2016, Sonam said that NESO is against this bill and “will continue to oppose it till this controversial bill is scrapped down in the parliament.”

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We have already demonstrated against the bill 6 times even at the national capital at jantar Mantar and will continue to demonstrate against this bill which is not all in the interest of the indigenous people of the region.

He added that they have met all the concerned authorities including the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to express their resentment “but the central government is totally undermining the sentiments of the indigenous people of the North East.”  Which is not tolerable to us.

Condemning Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his statement that the bill will be passed in the ongoing parliament session, Sonam said that the central government is playing a religious politics, we being the students community and the NESO is spearheading the democratic movement which may continue until it is scrapped.

If this bill is passed then there will be unrest in the north east and may witness civil disobedience movements against the central government on the issue. Sonam added.

Meanwhile, AAPSU general secretary Tobom Dai informed that it will direct all its federal units to enforce the proposed bandh call in their respective jurisdictions.

Pointing out that Chakma are Buddhist and Hajongs are Hindus, Dai said that “we clearly see a very tactful move by the central leadership to grant citizenship, to grant them permanent resident in the state.”

Stating that January 8 will be a historic day when the entire north eastern states will stand united under the banner of NESO, Dai said that no matter which party is in power, “they cannot impose their bill and cannot stifle our right.”

Also demanding the Government of Arunachal Pradesh and the chief minister Pema Khandu silence on the issue appeal to come out open against the bill, Dai appealed to the public, political parties, NGO, CBOs etc, to join their agitation against the bill.

However, students who will be appearing exams on the day, magistrate on duty, milk van, ambulances, press personnel, are exempted from the purview of the bandh call, he informed.

AAPSU President Hawa Bagang while inform that we are already fighting against the vexed chakma-Hajong issue apart of several other burning issue which include interstate boundary problems, PRC and several others but the central government is trying to overburden and we shall become minorities in our own land if it continue and will opposed tooth and nail as it will severally affect the demography of the indigenous settlement of the state and region.


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