Itanagar police arrested 2 members of Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena




Two people claiming to be from one organisation named Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena were arrested today by the Itanagar Capital Police in connection with continuous threats to the officers and officials in the Office of the Chief Secretary.

The accused were, for the last few days, harassing, threatening, intimidating and putting a lot of undue pressure on the staff of the office to forcibly get their work done by obstructing the officials to perform their duties.

The Capital Police lodged an FIR on the basis of the formal complaint lodged against them. The Police took swift action and arrested both the accused today.

It is the resolve of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh not to tolerate any such illegal incident of threatening, intimidation or harassment on any officer/official while on duty by any private individual/association/union etc.

All the officers and officials have been asked to lodge a complaint with the Capital Police in case of any aforesaid illegal incident, so that immediate action is taken by the Police Department as per law.

The complaints can also be reported to the Police Control Room at 8787380738 or to the SP Capital at 9436040006.

The police officers have been asked to take prompt necessary action as per law so as to ensure efficient and smooth functioning of the government and smooth delivery of essential services to the public.


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