Itanagar; e-waste collection facility in Arunachal Press Club




With the fundamental objectives to raise awareness among the public and other key stakeholders on the need of responsibly collect and recycle electronic waste, the Guwahati based company on Thursday has donated e-Waste collection bin to the Arunachal Press Club (APC).

The company’s State’s Coordinator Pema Wangmo  in bit to make awareness of the dustbin today donated a e-waste bin to APC General Secretary Tanom Jerang and Assistant General Secretary Manoj Singh in presence of other media person

Pema Wangmo briefed that the project aims to support the development of an e-waste management solution for the electronics industry to address the challenge of responsible collection and recycling of electronic waste in entire North East State.

Stating that Company would be collecting the E-Waste from different location which include schools, college, shops, shopping mall, markets offices etc and send it to the Guwahati for recycle, Wangmo further informed that company will be responsible for supporting the project in executing the implementation of a sustainable e-waste solution in North East India which is inclusive of all stakeholders.

She said that the company will not take the e-waste free but they will pay for it but before one have to get registered with the firm and get the best quality dustbin they have free of cost.

Soon they will have workshop in various schools of capital complex and launch awareness programme so that the people and youths may know that the e-waste can be recycled and may be utilised in making other electronic materials by different company of the country.

She said that this is also a step in Swachhata hi Seva Hai and appeal for support in the campaign.


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