Arunachal: MWF announced audition for Mrs Arunachal-2018


Mrs. Arunachal’s seventh edition is all set for its Zonal auditions from 3rd March next; which will be organised annually by the Muskan Women Foundation (MWF) in collaboration with Abo Aane MPC.

This was announced by the MWF chairperson and Mrs. Arunachal’s event manager, Ngurang Anung in a press conference held at Arunachal Press Club on Friday.

The zonal audition for Mrs. Arunachal 2018 is scheduled from 3rd March in eastern, western and capital complex and Mega audition will be held on 28th of April.

Anung said that “however, the criteria of the 7th Mrs. Arunachal’s will be unique because this time in an attempt to create a benchmark, we are keeping single wife criteria of age 18 to 40 be they be a housewife or working women. Preventing polygamy we are trying to create a positive trend in the state.”

“Our sole motive is to give a platform to the women in the state and National level and this pageant will be an encouragement to the Women empowerment” added Anung.

“There is always big talk of women empowerment but, in reality, nobody gives a afford to encourage women or girl child, when it comes to choice and talent appreciation”

Also speaking, event’s Media in charge, Biku Takar informed that first time ever the signatory crown will be designed which will be infusions of all tribe of Arunachal Pradesh based on local traditional jewellery which mostly beads.

“And the official crown which was never rotated before will be rotated from this seventh edition onwards” added Takar.

Through this pageant, people will unbolt to talk about various social taboos like customary laws and others, added Takar.

Committee Member Neelam Hari Talam while informed that selection will be held in various parts of state to give scope for all women’s of state to join the mega audition at Waii International Hotel here on April 28. He said the platform will give an opportunity to showcase their natural talent and traditional value and cultural diversity of state. The NGO will support the winner to national and even to International platform.

He inform that Dr. Duyu Mina Mudang also reached to International level through such event


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