SBI Alert! Do Not Scan QR Code Otherwise Your Account Will Be Empty

NEWS DEK-  Digitisation and net banking have helped people to do banking transactions conveniently. However, increasing usage of online banking has also aggravated cases of online fraud and cyber-crime.

Recently scammers have adopted a new technique to scam SBI account holders. To increase awareness about this fraud, the State Bank of India (SBI) has issued an alert to its customers. This fraud is related to commonly used QR code.

In a recent statement, SBI has alerted its customers to not scan any QR Code from any person. Doing so might cause all the money to disappear from bank account. Apart from alerting, SBI has also given some safety tips to its customers.

With increasing digitization in the country, the number of cases on online frauds and cybercrimes has also gone levels higher. The country’s largest public sector bank, SBI (State Bank of India), has issued a warning to its 44 crore clients, in view of the increasing in QR code fraud.

SBI alerted its customers through a tweet in which it wrote: ‘You do not need to scan the QR code to receive the money. Remember the safety tips every time you make UPI payments’.

The bank clarified that QR codes are used only for making payments and not for taking payments. In case one receives a message to scan a QR for receiving a payment, they should never do so under any given circumstances.

The following safety tips were also mentioned by SBI:

  • UPI ID to be verified before making any payment.
  • Security rules to be followed while making UPI payments.
  • UPI PIN is required for money transfer only and not for receiving money.
  • Mobile number, name and UPI ID to be verified before sending money.
  • UPI PIN not to be shared with anyone.
  • UPI PIN not to be confused even by mistake.
  • Scanner to be used properly for fund transfer.
  • Under any circumstances, solutions should not be sought from anyone other than official sources.
  • Help section of the app to be used for any payment or technical issues.


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