Russia-Ukraine Crisis: here are all details

According to reports, Russia has deployed 1 lakh soldiers on the Ukraine border.

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  • One lakh Russian soldiers are stationed on the Ukraine border. According to NATO military experts, Russia has deployed about 8,000 tanks and 36 missile launchers along the Ukrainian border.

RUSSIA-UKRAINE CRISIS: The tension along Russia-Ukraine international border is continue.  America has already warned Russia about a possible war. At the same time, Britain and Canada have also started providing military aid to Ukraine. After all, why has there been an atmosphere of war between Russia, what is the reason for that, Russia and America want to do….. All things will be explained to you in details, so watch this video till the end.

According to reports coming in different newspapers, Russia has deployed 1 lakh soldiers on the Ukraine border. Many countries, including the US, have expressed fears that Russia may attack Ukraine. The fear of war between Russia and Ukraine also increases because America has advised its citizens to leave Ukraine a day before. Apart from this, there are also reports that America is getting its embassy evacuated from Ukraine.


The Current Situation at Border

One lakh Russian soldiers are stationed on the Ukraine border. According to NATO military experts, Russia has deployed about 8,000 tanks and 36 missile launchers along the Ukrainian border. According to US intelligence, Russia can launch a military attack on Ukraine at any time.

Now also know which of the big countries have helped or are reaching Ukraine so far. First of all, Britain has started sending anti-tank weapons and missiles to Ukraine. Canada has also sent special forces. The first consignment of weapons has also been sent from America to Ukraine. According to the report, the US has sent 90 tons of military material, including dangerous weapons.

How the tension between Russia and Ukraine started.

Ukraine shares a border with Europe in the west and Russia in the east. Ukraine was a member of the Soviet Union until 1991. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine began in 2013.

In November 2013, protests against then-President Viktor Yanukovich began in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Yanukovich had the backing of Russia, while the US and Britain were supporting the protesters. Things got so bad that in February 2014, Yanukovich had to flee the country.

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Angered by this, Russia captured Crimea in southern Ukraine. Also gave support to the separatists there. Separatists have captured large parts of eastern Ukraine. Since then, fighting has been going on between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian army. More than 14 thousand people have died in this war. More than three thousand civilians were among those killed.

However, Western countries came forward to make peace between the two countries, and in 2015, on the initiative of France and Germany, a peace agreement was signed between Russia and Ukraine in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and a ceasefire was agreed upon.

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On the other hand, because of Russia, Ukraine is trying to improve its relations with Western countries, while Russia is against it. Despite not being a member, Ukraine has good relations with NATO countries.

30 countries of the world including America and Britain are members of NATO. And if a third country attacks any member country of the organization, then all the member countries of NATO will unite and fight it.

On the other hand, Ukraine is trying to join NATO. And Russia is opposing that. Russia demands that NATO stop its expansion in Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned last week that there would be consequences if NATO used Ukrainian land against Russia.

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Russia fears that if Ukraine becomes part of NATO and further war breaks out, coalition countries may attack it. In such a situation, the risk of third world war has increased.

Now the question arises that what does Russia want?

Experts believe that Russia once again wants to build better relations with the former Soviet countries and wants to challenge the West. Secondly, Russian President Vladimir Putin feels that an attack on Ukraine will prove to be helpful in keeping him in Russian power.

Now, if Russia attacks Ukraine, then why does the risk of third world war increase in such a situation because America has also made up its mind to take direct action. On Saturday, Pentagon officials in Maryland presented Biden with several options for dealing with Russia. One of these is to deploy US troops, fighter jets and warships to countries close to Russia to put military pressure on it. And now the news is that American soldiers can be sent to these countries at any time.


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