Arunodaya HSS Students participates ‘Student Police Cadet’ launching programme at Gurugram


A batch of student from Government Higher Secondary  School Arunodaya here have attended the launching programme on ‘Student Police Cadet’ at Gurugram in Haryana.


Director General of Police (DGP) Arunachal Pradesh SBK Singh said that the above said programme was launched at Gurugram in Haryana on Saturday which was participated by team from all states and union territory of the country.

The main motto of the scheme is to inculcate the students to become friendly with the rules and regulation of the government and spread the message of nationalism and patriotism as like of NCC, Learn to maintain discipline of living and to teach other fellow friends and juniors so that the maximum numbers of students can understand about the rules and regulation which are binding for the general public to live in a society for maintaining law and order, peace and tranquillity, communal harmony and at the same time these students will also work as an agent of law abiding citizens of the country and can spread awareness of communal harmony and peace in the society and grow into a good citizen.

Capital SP M Harsha Vardhan while inform that the team of state comprise of twenty students while 1 could not went from Arunodaya Higher Secondary School escorted by SI P Merip and SI  Ansari at the launching programme which was held at Taw Devi Lal Stadium  and same programme will also be lunched shortly in state while firstly it would be held in capital complex

Arunodoya GHSS Itanagar Principal Mimar Nyori inform that it is a wonderful programme in a very short spun of time out side State for the first time where students have been able to learn lots of rules and regulation and discipline for a normal people who have to maintain in life.

The team of students is consists of 10 boys and 9 girls. They started from Naharlagun on 17th  night and are returning from Delhi this evening and expected to reach NLG in the morning of Tuesday. The whole program is under the care and sponsorship of  Police Department under the initiation and guidance of SP Capital. The program is initiated by Ministry of Home Affairs to impart values to School going children to become responsible citizens. Principal added.


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