Techi Kaso inspected damaged roads and Landslide  in Itanagar



Parliamentary Secretary and local MLA Techi Kaso inspected landslide affected area of Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan and another era of Itanagar township.

Kaso visited the Christian Revival Church on way to  Donyi-Polo Vidya Bhawan where the road leading to the Church more than 400 mtrs have been completely washed away by the torrential rain. He further visited the RCC building damaged by the landslide at B Sector of One Tame Tabin and inspected sector road at Rajbhawan, P Sector, A Sector and others area.

Kaso assured the local and church leaders at Donyi-Polo road to look after the approach road next year but assured few support for urgent works. He also requested them to send the damaged report to the government for providing of relief. He further appeal one and all to remain alert from the landslide and heavy downpour.


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