IMC appeal citizens of capital complex not to support bandh culture


Itanagar Municipal Council ( IMC ) opposed the proposed 12 hrs bandh called by Mere Vichaar Andolan Committee  ( MVAC ) on 25 September next, and appeal citizens of capital complex not to support bandh culture.


Addressing the media person here at Arunachal Press Club which was attended by 21 councillors of BJP,  Taba Yal Nabam councillor ward No- 5, said that Capital complex is the economic centre of the state and MVAC’s bandh call will directly affect the daily wages earner and business community of capital complex.

Nabam alleged that “Steps taken by MVAC have got nothing to do with real issue but to gain political mileage,” . He also said that  the state government has already sent the ‘Mere Vichaar’ 60 pages note to the Home Ministry for thorough investigation, so outcome of inquiry will decide the further course of actions.

Stating that MVAC rather to go with bandh call could have opt to negotiation with state government, entire Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) appealed all the shopkeeper, offices and schools to defy the bandh call.

Alleging that MVAC is completely backing by other political party of the state, Councillor Ward no-18 Gora Lotak said, “ I was the member of MVAC but later on its gets indulged and smell of political interference he quit the committee,” adding that earlier he had talk with the family member for further course of action but since its get diluted in political for some behest interest individual and deviate from real fight.

Chief Councillor Kipa Kaku said that   we have no relation with bandh call rather it will directly affect the sanitation work and daily activities of the denizens of the capital complex. While Deputy Chief Councillor appeal all citizens to come out from their house unlike every day and carry out their normal activities without any fear and no body should have any right to disturb other individuals personal activities.

A total of 21 IMC councillors of BJP attended the press conference



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