Itanagar: Traffic police should check govt vehicle too- locals

General public demand traffic police check all vehicle including  government vehicle. 


By Manoj Singh

The general public who have paid fine for violation of traffic rules, raised question on the role of traffic police in maintaining traffic rule equally for all violators, even the govt vehicle also.

Several local resident which include ‘Arunachal civil society’ have already demanded from the IMC for getting their vehicles registered which are plying without registration for years together is a glaring example.

One person said that several IMC vehicle are plying without registration but the same traffic police charge fine to private only specially two wheeler but do not even try to check the vehicle of IMC and other government owned vehicles.



One student said that due to non wearing of helmet we have often to pay fine but several government and private vehicle also having tinted glass fitted in the vehicle of which the supreme court of India have passed order for its removal but the traffic police is busy in collecting revenue for getting appreciation in media and by their boss.

One lady while allege that  traffic police only two wheeler and commercial vehicle with the purpose  to increase the revenue. They should check all type of vehicle  for valid documents,  proper lights, break light, indicator and even horn, because several accident takes place during the night, due to poor head lights, no break light and horn .


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