Kumar Waii ask Govt to clarify financial status

Kumar Waii appeal state government to lift ban on government cheque payment to contractors and demanded clarification on financial status of the state.



The payment of contractors which was approved even after the letter of credit (LOC) was passed by the concerned department of SIDF and central schemes in the last March was hold by the state government said former Home Minister Kumar Waii.

‘I have written a letter to chief secretary today for lifting of ban on the government cheque issued to the contractors till date as the local contractors are suffering to a great extend’ Waii added.

Waii while briefing the media today said that the state government should come forward and tell the people of state about the financial status of state.

He said that schemes sanctioned amounting to Rupees Eight hundred crore  under SIDF, SADA, CSS should be made cleared to the people . State government should not wait to clear the payment of the needy contractors who have obtained cheque and payment order by the department but is being hold for the reason best known to the state government. Waii said.

There was a huge flow of money in the recent concluded simultaneous election in state even lots of propaganda for a clean election and stop money culture was emphasis by the state government and several others which was failed.


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