Arunachal Governor and CM greets people on the eve of Moh Mol and Gumkum-Gumpa festivals

Arunachal Governor Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) and Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Wednesday greeted the people of the state on the eve of Moh Mol and Gumkum-Gumpa festivals.



The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) has conveyed his warm greetings to the people of the State, especially Puroik and Tangsa community on the festive occasion of Gumkum-Gumpa and Moh Mol festivals.

In his message, the Governor said that every community in our State maintains its identity by celebrating its traditions and festivals. Celebrating the festivals means respecting that event and accepting the positive impacts of that event in our life. Each celebration has a noble narrative associated with it, be it arrival of a season, victory of good over evil, sublime episodes connected with various Gods and Goddesses and many more. Albeit the festivals are diverse and varied but the spirit behind them is only one, that is of peace and amity. These are the manifestation of heritage and culture, he said.

The Governor said that Puroik community’s Gumkum-Gumpa festival is celebration of progress. It identifies the Puroik Community and connects with the reunion and collective resettlement of the community in consonance with the march of time. I am sanguine that the community, led by its elders and buttressed by its youth will blossom with a new beginning made possible by the present generation of the community for the benefit of its next generation, he said.  May this festival of our Puroik brethren further strengthen the spirit of harmony, prosperity, and brotherhood in our society, the Governor wished.

The Governor said that Moh-Mol, which is an agricultural related festival, signifies the beginning of sowing season. This festival showcases the traditional richness and culture of the Tangsa Tribe. Our Tangsa brethren have creditably preserved their age-old customs and heritage, coming down from time immemorial and proudly inherited from generation to generation. It is very heartening to mention that these customary celebrations have always inspired our younger generation to protect, preserve and practice the traditions and pass them on to the posterity, he said.

On this festive occasion, I join my Tangsa brethren in offering our prayers for bumper harvest, peace and amity. May ‘Nong Culture’ live long, the Governor wished.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has conveyed his greetings on occasion of Moh Mol and Gumkum-Gumpa festivals, celebrated by the Tangsa and Puroik communities of the state respectively.

“I wish my Tangsa brothers and sisters on the joyous occasion of Moh Mol that marks the end of sowing season and the end of toil and labour in the fields. I join you all on this joyous beginning of a fresh season and a time for merriment with great zeal and enthusiasm,” Khandu said in his message.

He offered prayers for a prosperous harvest season, and for wealth and longevity of the community.

Khandu also prayed for the departed souls as per tradition of Moh Mol and expressed gratitude to them for passing on the rich cultural heritage of the Tangsas to the next generation.

In another message, the Chief Minister congratulated members of the Puroik community for celebrating their most important festival – Gumkum Gumpa – with fanfare centrally since 1979 in the month of April every year that symbolically marked collective settlement of the community hitherto known for migrating from one place to other.

On the auspicious occasion, Khandu reaffirmed the commitment of the state government in upliftment and welfare of each community of the state.

“On Gumkum Gumpa, I reassure that no matter how large or small a community is, the government will equally treat all and see to it that fruits of development is equitably distributed to each community, each tribe and each district,” Khandu added.


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