Arunachal: Felix concerned over traffic congestions in twin capital city

The meeting was called on Sunday owing to less traffic and lesser inconvenience to the commuters.



Concerned over the burgeoning traffic congestions that has been hitting the twin capital cities of Itanagar and Naharlagun, Home Minister Bamang Felix today called a meeting of all traffic police and traffic warden at his official  bungalow.

As many as 110 traffic police and traffic wardens led by SP capital and SP traffic were present in the meeting. Also present were the SDPOs and OCs of Police stations of Naharlagun and Itanagar.

The meeting was called on Sunday owing to less traffic and lesser inconvenience to the commuters.

During the interactive meeting, Felix appreciated the effort put in by the traffic police and wardens in maintaining the hectic traffic. “Ever increasing traffic every day couple with traffic rule violators has been a challenge for the department”, said the Home Minister. He opined for a foolproof mechanism to control this alarming issue.

Felix directed SP Capital to prepare a detail plan on effective traffic management in the twin capital city and submit it to him at the earliest. He also stressed for getting tough against traffic violators which also is one of the major reasons for the traffic jams in the capital complex.

“We are standing on the road, dawn to dusk, under the scorching sun, the dusty environment which is gradually taking toll of our health, drenching in rain, wind and all other adversaries with only two motives, first to ensure that everyone reach their destination be it home or office in time, safe, unhurt and second to ensure safety and security of the precious lives. Let no one die of road accident”, said one of the Traffic Police.

Another traffic warden while narrating his woes said, getting abused is everyday feature and at times get manhandled too from the public.

Moved by such apathy, the Home Minister assured that he would do whatever possible for them. He said that their grievances would be put forth to the appropriate authority for redressal. He boost their morale and encouraged them to render their service with utmost dedication.

“I fervently appeal my dear people of Arunachal Pradesh, especially capital dwellers to appreciate their services and cooperate with them to create a better capital complex” Felix appealed.


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