Itanagar: Capital police recovered stolen phone sold on OLX, 1 arrested

Itanagar capital police recovered stolen mobile set after it was sold on OLX to three persons in series.



Tatung Alo,   resident of Economic & Static Colony, Itanagar filed a written complaint to Itanagar Police station on 17/03/19 about the stolen  his mobile set. He wrote ”  on 16/03/19 at about 1130 hrs. some unknown person had entered into my residence and stolen away my mobile handset”. On receipt of complaint, Itanagar PS Case No.73/2019 u/s 380 IPC and SI N Nishant was endorsed to investigate the case.

During  meticulous investigation closely monitored by SP T Amo himself, call detail records of the stolen mobile handset through CMCU and it revealed that one new simcard No. 9383345164 was inserted in the mobile set and was being used by Alam Sonam, resident of  Nyokum Lapang, Itanagar. The stolen mobile handset was also recovered from his possession and formally seized.

However, during Sonam’s interrogation, he disclosed that he had purchased it at Rs 6500/ through OLX- Itanagar site from one boy who delivered it at Bank Tinali. Though, he couldn’t provide the contact number and details of the said person but once again with the help of CDR of Alam Sonam, the contact No. of the said boy was identified as Joseph Tayam of Bank Tinali and was called to PS and interrogated thoroughly.

During examination, Joseph  revealed that he is not the culprit  but he uploaded the said post in OLX- Itanagar site on behalf of his friend Miss Ungi Jongkey, a resident of Vivek Vihar, Itanagar. Subsequently, Miss Ungi Jongkey was called and interrogated.

But, the case couldn’t be solved yet as both of them disclosed that they had also purchased the said mobile handset at Rs 10500/  from a boy who uploaded it in OLX- Itanagar,  facebook profile group.

Ultimately, police has setup a trap at Bank Tinali with the help of Joseph and Miss Ungi and this time actual culprit was apprehended who was later identified as Nabam Ranu,  a resident of Economics & Statistics Colony, Vivek Vihar, Itanagar.

He has been formally arrested in the case and he has confessed his crime and will be produced before court  tomorrow. The other three suspects are found to be innocent as they purchased it in good faith and police are not invoking even section 411 IPC against them.

While giving caution to the denizens of Capital Complex, SP Capital  Tumme Amo has advised people to avoid such type of purchase from social networking sites until it is properly verified.

It is pertinent to mention here that it is a bit common now-a-days that people are purchasing lots of items uploaded in social networking sites without verification.


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