No other dams will be built in Siang river- Khandu




While addressing a Public meeting at Along,  Arunachal Chief minister Pema Khandu on Sunday stated that “no other dams will be built in Siang river” . “He said that the state government will not accept the proposal of NITI Aayog for building of 10000 MW dam in the district. He informed to the people that the local sentiment with regard to dam has already been expressed to NITI Aayog in the October meeting held at New Delhi”.

Khandu informed to the public gathering that ” The Chief Minister along with the cabinet members were called by the NITI Aayog to discuss on 10000 MW dam, to which all had expressed their objection”.

He said the state govt has made this decision keeping in mind the sentiments of local with regard to building of large dams. He also said no other dams will be built in Siang river unless the confidence of the local people has been taken.

He said no dams will be forced on the people. He said since he took over as Chief Minister, the state govt has till date not signed a single MoU with any power developers. When many of the earlier MoUs signed are all messed up, there was no question of signing any new MoUs, said the Chief Minister.

The CM said, Siang River being the identity of Arunachal, the CM expressed concern over muddying of the river. He suspected Chinese activities on the upstream for the deteriorating quality of river water.

He said a report on the ground situation from the district administration of East Siang and Upper Siang has been already submitted to the Govt of India.

He informed that a letter has been sent to the centre enquiring if any talks are being held with the Chinese govt. on this matter. Also this morning an SMS was sent as a reminder, informed the CM.


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