Arunachal:  Locals demand re-poll in 22-soki/doni polling station  

five dead persons exercised their franchise in the state poll at 22- Soki/Doni polling station and 17 voters were deprived of voting -Locals alleged .


Demanding for fresh re poll at 22-Soki/Doni polling station of 24 Daporijo (ST) Assembly Constituency, the  people in hundreds marched a peaceful rally to district Deputy Commissioner office here at Daporijo on Thursday.

Speaking to media  one Nyabin Soki said that around five dead persons exercised their adult franchise in the state poll at 22- Soki/Doni polling station and 17 voters were deprived of voting on the day of April 11, 2019.

“We have all the substantial evidence to the allegations and have also submitted to the DEO/RO Danish Ashraf but yet there is action or scrutiny being initiated by the concern officer,” he said.

He demanded the election commission for an immediate enquiry comprising of RO,DEO, polling agents and all the official representative and accordingly order for fresh re poll or else will continue agitation and rally in a democratic form till Justice is being served.

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He said that on scrutiny of Form 17- (A) it was confirmed that, total 321 voters casted their votes in the polling station from the total electorate of 323 (including 14 postal ballots).

“Even I was also not allowed to cast vote on the day despite being polling agent. So how can the total voting percentage of the Soki/Doni polling station be 99.38 percentage,” he added.

If  17 electorates have not casted vote, how can there be a total of 321 voters who have casted their votes of  323 voters in entire 22 Soki/Don’t polling station, he questioned.

“321 electorates casting the votes without participation of deprived 17 electorates and someone casting the vote in the name of 5 dead persons is absolutely absurd and ridiculous,” he said adding that we have also submitted the death certificate of those 5 person.

When questioned on the enquiry report of DEO/RO, he said that the report is completely biased, unfortunate and unfair and also on this part the party also had protested at the DEO office premise on April 18, 2019.

The seventeen person’s deprived of casting vote were also present on the day. When questioned on the reason why they were not allowed to cast vote, one of the lady said that they were not even allowed to enter the polling booth on the day.

“It’s really injustice and unfair that we were not allowed to exercise our adult franchise despite our name is already enrolled in the voting list,” she said beside a person who is not alive was allowed to do so.

She also requested the election commission for a fresh re poll so that they can exercise their franchise as they get the opportunity to choose their representative in five years.

When questioned, Daporijo Deputy Commissioner Danish Ashraf on the allegations levelled by the people, he said I am on official leave so “no comments”.

Meanwhile, Daporijo ADC, said that being an in charge as DC he can’t comment on the issue.

Further he said that, according to his capacity he will soon appraise the matter to the DC, who is on leave as well inform the CEO about the rally organised in the premise of DC office.


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